There is no distance in prayer by Richard Roberts

SPKM DINO KARTSONAKIS The meaning of that, again Greek, oh how I love Him, how I adore Him.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS We have just a few moments before our program closes and I want us to take time right now to pray with those who are watching, many people across this nation and Canada and even in foreign nations.  I got a call the other day from Bishop Harold down in Jamaica who said, “There’s a satellite dish here and we can get your program here in this city in Jamaica every day and we watch you faithfully every day.” Bishop Harold, if you’re watching this morning, God bless you. Watching live down in Jamaica.  Anyone who has a satellite dish, you know, in North American continent, you know, can see this program. And there are a lot of servicemen who are watching this program.  And I thank God for that.  And I’ve got news for you, there is no distance in prayer.

God’s here where we are.  He’s there where you are.  And when we pray together, miracles can happen.  I’m going to ask everybody here in our studio audience to join hands with the person you’re next to.  And let’s all join hands.  And let’s each one of us pray.  Don, I’m going to ask you if you’ll begin and then Dino and then I’ll close in just these moments as we close our program today.

SPKM DON POTTER  PRYM Heavenly Lord Jesus, we come before You as servants, Father, at best.  We lift our hearts to You, Father God.  We ask for Your guidance by Your Holy Spirit, Almighty God. Touch us, Father, this day.  Open those places, Father.  Teach us what a broken and contrite heart really means, O God.  Show us that servitude has not much to do with being the master of anything, mighty God, but it has all to do with serving You as the King of this universe, O God.  We lift up our hearts to You. We lift our prayers to You.  We ask for Your mercy, Almighty God, on this country, on the leaders of this country.  We ask Your mercy upon all of us, Lord, who have sat in apathy in areas that we should be moving, Father, that You would move by Your Spirit, Father.  We ask that You would move among us, glow among us with Your Holy Spirit, O Lord Jesus.  Lift up our hearts, O God, that we would hear You clearer and clearer day after day.  I pray a blessing upon this university, Lord, and upon the people of this university.  Their hearts are good, Lord Jesus, and their hearts are of You, O Lord Jesus.  Praise You, Father.  Praise You, Jesus.

SPKM DINO KARTSONAKIS  PRYM Oh, how I love Him, how I adore Him. Father, I played that from the bottom of my heart.  There’s such a sense of love in this studio. Lord, we love You with all our hearts.  You’ve supplied our needs and we know You’re going to continue to supply our needs, Father.  Lord, I pray this moment. I just feel that we need to pray for Oral. Continue to give him courage.  Continue to give him wisdom, divine wisdom, we want that more than anything.  And, Lord, how we need that wisdom.  We commit everything to You and will continue to serve You with everything that we have, the talent that You’ve given to us.  In Your name we pray.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS  PRRR And I add my prayers to Don’s prayers and Dino’s prayers.  And I focus in on Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of the living God, who is able to take you over to the other side, even in the face of the devil’s roar.  I come against the sickness and the disease in your body.  And I pray for you to be healed today, from your head to your feet.  I rebuke that satanic attack in your life and I agree with you for a miracle. And I won’t stop praying and believing until the miracle comes. In the name of Jesus.  Amen and amen.  Till we see you next time, remember, no matter what it looks like, God can turn it around for you.

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