Genesis to Revelation by Lindsay Roberts

RR: What you’re saying is what this woman wrote in her e-mail that I read a little earlier.  She’s saying, “God, I’m putting you to the test.  I’m facing a need.”  She talked about a tax situation, and so she’s sowing out of her need, believing that God’s going to-and she used the same Scripture you used, Malachi 3:10,11, that God’s going to open her the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing where there will not be room enough to receive it.

LR: That’s the only Scripture in the Bible where God says, “Prove me.”  The only time in the entire Bible, Genesis to Revelation.

RR: The only time He says it is involving money.

BS: How powerful is that!

LR: It has to be because He made a statement that said, “See if I’ll not open you the windows of heaven.”  Do you know what would happen if the windows of heaven literally were opened and God began to dump it out of the windows of heaven?

RR: There would be no more debt.

BS: I had to build a house a new house with a four-door-car garage.

LR: That’s why. I mean, walls made out of jasper, gates made out of pearl.  There’s no sickness in heaven.  Streets made out of gold.  There’s no disease in heaven.  There’s no sorrow, no shortage.

You know, while you were talking, it was so funny because I was sitting here like this and right while you began to speak about businesses, I saw somebody in the pie business.  And I thought, all I kept getting to myself was “pie-in-the-sky.”  And I thought, it was like blueberry pie was flashing in front of my face.

And I don’t know if you are either in the pie business, you want to expand the pie business, you want to go in the pie business, but God is saying, “Don’t either start that or try and expand that business without Him as your senior partner.”  And if you will go into partnership with Father God, then He will make the right corporate decisions. Sometimes we forget that.

BS: You know, if people are looking for a place to sow seed, I’ve had people to tell me that, right now you’ve got the phone number, you’ve got the address.  Here’s the place to put that seed.  And, I’m telling you, folks, this really works.  I can tell you after forty some years experience, God works.

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