Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God by Richard Roberts

My family has this thing that they do to us, and they think it’s funny. I haven’t decided yet if I think it’s funny.  But my kids have this thing when I go to sleep, and I happen to have a habit of sleeping like the proverbial “ton of bricks.”  I’m not real easy to wake up.  And as John Osteen, my beloved friend, used to say to me, “Do you wake up grumpy?”  “No, we just let her sleep.”  I don’t necessarily have the nicest personality in the world when I wake up.  I won’t bite your head off, as long as nobody talks to me until I’m ready.  And I’m not mean, I’m not ugly, none of those things.  But the thing about it is, I don’t like to be startled out of a sound sleep.  And so if you just leave me alone and let me wake up, I’m peachy.  But if you don’t, it just takes me a while to get it all out.

So my kids think it’s funny to come right down in the middle of your face-you know exactly what I’m going to say, and daddy helps them-and they wait till they’re just about-excuse me, Mr. Chair, just about right here.  And at the top of their lungs they yell, “Wake up!”  Jesus is getting in your face at this conference, and He’s sticking His face right in front of yours and He’s yelling at the top of His lungs,  “Church, wake up.”  He wants us to wake up.  “I have this one thing against you,? He said. Let me tell you something, this is Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God.  This is our Savior, our King, our Lord, who went to the cross, who had His back bloodied and striped.  He walked down the via Dolorosa for our salvation, for our healing, for our miracles, for everything that we have and everything that we are.  And if my Lord says to me, “Lindsay, baby, I have something against you,? then I have a problem.

And He said to us in the church, “I have something against you.  How long are you going to worry about dumb things that don’t matter at all, and yet you tolerate this spirit Jezebel in the church?”  I can just hear Him saying, “How long are you going to worry about what outfit somebody’s wearing, how short their skirt is, how long their tongue is, how ugly their hair is, how weird their accent is, and stop worrying about the wrong things, being accusers of the brethren and instead recognize that satan has brought rebellion into your camp,? Because that’s what Jezebel is, the spirit of rebellion, “and put it at your doorstep.”  And we sit there and tolerate it, while we’re backbiting, backstabbing, and doing stupid things about other people, accusing preachers of stealing it out of the offering, while we’re broke and poor.


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