The Holy Spirit by Lindsay Roberts

And I’d watch my mama send a seed to Oral Roberts.  And I’d say, “Mama, we can’t do that.”

And she said, “Honey, we have to do that.”

And I’d watch my mother attach herself to the anointing of Oral Roberts.  I was 12 years old.  I put ten dollars in an envelope, and I sent it to Oral Roberts.

And he’d get on television, and he’d say, “Something good is going to happen to you.”  And I took my shoe off one day and I threw it at the TV and I said, “Something good had better happen to me because all I’ve had right now has been bad.”

And my mama would just sit there, and she’d pray and she’d pray and she’d pray.  And satan tried to steal my mama right after—he did take my daddy.  But after he tried to steal my mama, my mama said, “No.”

She got a little book from Oral Roberts called Three Most Important Steps to Better Health and Miracle Living.  And when she read it, she got healed.  God healed her.

So she called up all the doctors and said, “How much was it going to cost for her surgery that she was supposed to have?”  And they gave her the number, and she wrote a check to Oral Roberts.  And she said, “This is the seed that I would have had to pay to the doctors anyway, and I don’t need it now, so I’m going to send it to you.”

And she sent it to Oral, with one prayer request.  Be careful who you connect your anointing to.  Her prayer request was, “Oral, I want you to pray for the right husband for my daughter Lindsay.  She has a very special . . .” 

And I want to tell you something, be very careful who you connect your anointing to.  Make sure the people around you protect your substance, protect your anointing.

After my third pregnancy died in my arms while we were in the hospital, Richard Oral, three hellacious pregnancies, and surgery after surgery after surgery.  I was in the hospital for a hysterectomy.  God sovereignly, miraculously healed me.  And my baby died in my arms, and I had two airline tickets to go to Palm Springs, California and take my mama with me and go rest and recuperate.

And the Holy Spirit said, “You don’t get to rest and recuperate.”

© Copyright 2011 admin, All rights Reserved. Written For: Richard Roberts