The book of Acts by Richard Roberts

And in my spirit I saw crippled people walking tonight.  I saw cataracts falling off.  I saw glaucoma leaving eyes.  I saw ears that were completely blocked, I saw perforations in eardrums being healed.  I saw cancers falling off of people’s bodies.  Not because of me, not because of anything that I say and do, but because of Jesus.

And there’s an atmosphere for that.  In fact, Jesus is touching someone right now.  Lindsay Roberts tells us that someone has a left arm that’s two inches to three inches—yes, two to three inches shorter than your other arm.  And right now, even as I’m speaking, your arm is growing out to the same length as the other arm.  You’ll know it’s you because you’ll feel this warmth coming down right now.

There’s another person watching, you have this pain that goes right down your neck, down your shoulder, down your arm.  And you feel like your arm is withering up because you flinch every time you try to move it.  And God is healing you right now.

Now here’s what I want you to do.  I want you to stretch your hands out toward me right now.  And everybody here in the audience, would you do the same, please. Oral Roberts University shows that there’s something special about the touch.  Now it’s not my touch.  My hands are human hands.  But the Bible says in the book of Acts that God worked through the hands of the disciples.  In fact, He worked special miracles through the hands of Paul.

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