Pray in tongues by Richard Roberts

“Well, I thought you told me I was supposed to pray in tongues.  Now you want me to pray in English.”

Make a note, or turn to 1 Corinthians, chapter 14.  Here comes the best part.  Students, if you miss this, you’re going to miss the best part.  This is not a time to be asleep.  Don’t miss this.  First Corinthians 14, verse 2, “For he that speaks in an unknown tongue is not speaking to men, but speaking to God.”

Okay, all right, I see.  Therefore, when this tongue starts to come up in me and a few syllables come out, I am not going to understand it.  Okay, that helps me because when I start—(Tongues)—I don’t have any idea what I’m saying.  I understand why, because Paul tells me, “When I speak in an unknown tongue, I’m not speaking to men.  I’m speaking to God.  For no man understands me because in the Spirit I’m speaking mysteries.”

I’m not speaking in a known language.  I’m not speaking in tongues so you’ll figure out what I’m trying to say.  I’m talking to God.  I’m not talking to men.  Now all this is happening right there in the dormitory room.

Then look over in, let’s see, verse 13.  “Wherefore,” Paul says, “let him (or let her) that speaks in an unknown tongue pray that they may interpret.”  It was like somebody turning on a light.  Do you mean that in my daily devotional prayer language, which I learned how to describe years later, that I can pray in an unknown tongue, I can allow the Holy Spirit in me to form words that would come out of my mouth?  Then I can stop and I can pray in my own language?

Well, that’s what Paul said.  Paul said, “Let him (or her) that prays (or speaks) in an unknown tongue pray that they may interpret.  For if I pray”—this is Paul’s personal testimony, and this is not the operation of the gift of tongues or the gift of interpretation of tongues, which we talked about last week.  This is his own daily devotional prayer language—“For if I pray in an unknown tongue, my spirit is praying, but my mind (or my understanding) is unfruitful.”  Or, in other words, I get no understanding from it.  I get no benefit.

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