Let’s pray by Richard Roberts

So I’m half asleep in the hotel in South Africa, when my phone rings, and he says, “This is Mr. Frederic Chiluba.”  Well, I knew who that was.

And I said, “Yes, sir.”

He said, “Is there any way you can stop by Lusaka on your way home so we could have lunch together?”

“Well, sure.”

So I changed my ticket, and when I stopped by South Africa, I stopped by Lusaka.  This was some years ago.  And put me up in the Presidential palace, in the Presidential suite, where heads of state stay.

We got in at midnight, got to the room.  They had a seven-course meal on the table at one o’clock in the morning.  The waiters were in tuxedos.  I’m in a pair of blue jeans.  I’m thinking, Man, this is cool!

So the next day, we’re on the Presidential grounds.  There’s military, soldiers with AK47 riffles and machineguns everywhere.  And the President has these huge grounds, and there are peacocks and there’s monkeys all over the place on these grounds.

And I go over to what the government calls the White House, and I go and he says, “Well, we’re going to go to the residence, and we’re going to have lunch with my wife.”  Great!  Because God had said, “He’s going to invite you for a crusade.”  So I just learned my lesson, kept my mouth shut this time.

And we had lunch, and he’s a Christian.  He’s not President any longer.  He’s served his ten years.  They only serve ten years.  And he said, “Let’s pray.”

So we got down on our knees in his living room and began to pray.  And after a while, after praying, him and his wife and me and a minister who was traveling with me, another ORU grad, he said, “Dr. Roberts, I feel led of the Lord to invite you to come back to Zambia to conduct a national crusade, and the government will sponsor you.”

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