Pray in the Spirit by Richard Roberts

We can pray in the Spirit any time we want.  That’s different.  And that’s one of the most difficult things for the non-charismatic world to understand.  They think because we who have been raised Pentecostal or charismatic, because we have said some things that we have not understood, they think that we are saying that we have the gift of tongues.  We have the gift of interpretation of tongues, and we can manifest it any time we want.

Now there’s some Pentecostals and charismatics who have not understood the Bible.  They’re very sincere, but they have misunderstood the Word of God and they have preached a theology that’s wrong.

And one of the purposes of me saying this is to help you to understand the difference.  So I want to make it clear to you that when a gift of tongues or the gift of interpretation of tongues is operating, it is different than when you are speaking in tongues in your own daily devotional prayer language.

Yesterday morning in chapel before Lynn Hammond got up to speak—and I hope you enjoyed her as much as I did, there was a huge line after chapel.  I don’t know if any of you stayed.  But she prayed for people for more than an hour after the chapel service.  And there were some tremendous things that happened with students yesterday.

But you will remember, at the beginning of that chapel service, I said, “Let’s all pray in the Spirit.”  Remember that?  And, man, if the doors were opened, you probably could hear us down at Lewis.  There was a huge outburst of people praying in tongues yesterday.

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