The Ministry of seed-faith


MT:  That’s why you’re molding and shaping generations and it’s far beyond.  One vision obeyed upon and  acted  upon  ignites  so  many other visions that you never know about.  We remember  in  our  own personal life as we begin to think  about  how  this  ministry  has affected our own personal life.  In 1971 we  began  to  tithe,  but then it  was  in  1976  before  we  heard  about  the  ministry  of seed-faith.  And Genesis 8:22 says, “As long as the earth remains, there is going to be a time of seedtime and harvest  time.”   Well, in the teaching of seed-faith brought us into a realm of excellence that we had not known about before.  We began …  we  didn’t  know that miracles …  you  could  attract  miracles  by  seeding  into another life.

RR:  I like that.  You didn’t know you could attract miracles.

RR:  I like that.

BT:  We heard people all our life, because we were black people in traditional settings, and so that was all we knew.  So  the  things we were  anticipating  or  hoping  for  were  centered  around  our environment.  But as we were focusing on the Oral Roberts   program at that time and miracles and seed-faith, God began to deal with our heart and we began to plant seeds.  We started in 1971  giving tithes and offerings.  My husband … we had become Spirit  filled in 1976 and we desired more of the Word of God like  we  had  never desired before.  And that’s one true sign  of  being  full  of  the Spirit of God as you will  desire  the  spiritual  things,  because after I had completed college, I worked so hard in  college  trying to be a Who’s Who and an A student that by the time I completed it, I was burned out.  I didn’t want to see another book let alone the Bible.

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