As a child of God


And when we got Spirit filled, I desired to know more about the things of God.  I no longer accepted the excuse that the Bible is a hard book to read and nobody can understand it.   But  it  was something … it’s like a  baby,  it’s  like  a  woman  when  she’s pregnant.  She  knows  she’s  pregnant,  her  husband  knows  she’s pregnant, her doctor knows  she’s  pregnant,  and  when  she  tells somebody else they say, “Well, you don’t look pregnant.”   But you know that seed is within you. So what she does is she  takes  that seed and she begins to feed that seed and nourish that seed and she cherishes that seed.   And in nine months  that  seed  comes  to maturity in the form of a baby.

RR:  And then everybody knows she’s pregnant.

BT:  Everybody knows then.

MT:  There’s a man now, not only from heaven, but  from  earth,  to produce, to produce that child vision so that it can be seen.   And God wants to … you see, God knows that the natural mind walks  by sight.  He wants to start producing the kind of miracle that  is  a notable miracle in your life as a child of God so that  there  will be no doubt that God has done it.  In the days of Daniel,  who  was such an intercessor, there was an order that came  fort0h  from  the king … I just want to read this order because I  think  it  shows something about ORU and what you’re doing as well as  what  God  is calling upon our life.  The king, in Daniel 1, verse  3,  “And  the king spake unto Ashpenaz the master of the eunuchs, that he  should bring forth certain of the children of Israel, and  of  the  king’s seed, and of the princes.”   Now  look  at  the  job  requirements.

“Children in whom was no blemish.”  So we always share with people, package yourself well, sell yourself well, package  yourself  well.

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