Receive the gift of the Holy Spirit


Remember, too, “well favoured, and skillful in all wisdom.”   This was the number one thing that Solomon prayed for when God said, “Ask what I should do for you.” Now I believe that should be on the top of our list.  Whatever you’re involved in, ask God for his wisdom.   Fourthly, “cunning in knowledge,   and   understanding science, and such as had ability in them to stand in the king’s palace.”  You may be a good athlete but find out the scientific measures, find out the mathematical measures, and you will find that those scientific and mathematical figures will do you more good in the long run than all the physical abilities that you have. And Daniel stood in this.  In fact, verse 17  says  they  were  ten times wiser.

BT:  I remember even growing up in  our  early  ministry  when  the phrase “being filled with the Spirit” or  “do  you  have  the  Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit?”… when I would hear that I was  like  a lot of other Christians, feeling like most of the people  that  had that gift was unlearned.  And so often it seemed  like  the  people that had the gifts, the miracles, and  the  signs  that  the  Bible talked about was unlearned, uneducated, unskillful, they  were  with blemish.  And so what God has done is he’s done a flip-flop.  He’s raising up people now that the devil cannot use that lie.  He’s raising up people that have no blemish, he’s raising up people that have favor, have knowledge,  and  are  skillful  in  all  manner  of learning so that the devil cannot go to a young boy or  young  girl and say, “Would you like to receive the gift of the  Holy  Spirit?” and they would look at you and say, “Well, what good is  that  gift going to do me?”  People have had the gift but they  did  not  have the teaching to go with the gift.  It’s unlimited what we  have  in this Bible, but unless you have somebody that knows how to  explain and tell you, “What is receiving God into my life and receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit going to  do  for  me  other  than  just saying words?” he’s saying emotions, you know.   When  we  received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1976, we didn’t know what we had. We had an army within our being and didn’t  realize  it.   But  God told us … he spoke to our spirit and he said, “You  need  to  sit under the teaching of somebody else that’s been  more  mature  than you, they have more experience and know what you’ve just received.”

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