The call of the Holy Spirit

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And so for about two or three years we sat under another ministry to receive the teaching of the new gift we received so that today we   …………….  Then we began to understand people like Oral Roberts and now what you are doing.   People will not understand your ministry, the ministry of Richard Roberts or Oral  Roberts, unless they have the understanding of the things of the Spirit.

RR:  Well, like how can someone who does not  know  God  understand the things of God?  It’s impossible.

MT:  That’s right.  It’s their foolishness unto  him,  but  they’re only a prayer away from understanding, you know, by saying, “Jesus, I receive you as my personal Savior.”  And when he comes into  your life, the life begins, the ……….. begins to flow, there  is  a light that begins to come on in your spirit and you begin  to  have an understanding because I Corinthians 1:30 says, “He’s  been  made unto us all wisdom.”

BT:  I’ll tell you, knowing life like I know it now  and  being  on this side of the gifts of God,  I  would  not  even  want  to  live without the call of the Holy Spirit because it  literally  was  the turning point in our whole life and ministry.

RR:  You mean you would not go back where you were?

BT:  I would not go back.  I would never go back.

RR:  Neither would I.  I was filled with the Holy Spirit right here on this campus.  Now I had given my life to Jesus but I had not released the prayer language.  The Holy Spirit was in me.  He comes in … the only way you get born again  is  that  the  Holy  Spirit bears witness to your spirit … but later that night there  was  a group of young men across the hall praying in tongues and I  walked in and said, “What are you doing?”  I knew  what  they  were  doing because I’d heard my parents pray in tongues,  you  see.  But  that night I released my prayer language, I began to  pray  in  tongues.

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