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‘I Embrace Healing!’

Jesus went to the Cross and paid the price for whatever it is in your life that’s broken or needs to be healed.  Whether you need healing in your mind, in your emotions, in your marriage, or in your physical body, He fixed it at Calvary.  Whatever you’re asking Him to heal in your life […]

Don’t Get Rattled!

What do you do when something really rattles you, when your mind is confused and unsettled?  When the devil just reaches out and grabs you and jerks you around until your teeth rattle?  When that happens to me, the story of Elijah in I Kings 18 and 19 puts me back on my feet again. […]

School of the Spirit

And Bobby in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, I set my faith with you concerning this thing that you mentioned.  And thank you so much for the $100 seed that you’re sowing into this ministry. You know, when you sow your seed into this ministry, you have a bible right to expect God to use it for his […]

Give the Lord praise

RR: Yeah, pray for them right now, honey. LR: …in the name of Jesus, I speak hope into your situation right now.  We have a little girl who works here, and I love her name because her name is Hope.  Oh, what a glorious name.  God gave us hope, and His name is Jesus Christ.  […]

God Always Comes Through For me

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Melva Jo, would you sing for us?  Would you step over and get yourself ready?  And we’re kind of informal here, Melva.  Just come right on by.  Get yourself ready to sing. And while she’s getting ready to sing, I have another letter that I want to share.  This is from Kensington, […]