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The book of Acts by Richard Roberts

And in my spirit I saw crippled people walking tonight.  I saw cataracts falling off.  I saw glaucoma leaving eyes.  I saw ears that were completely blocked, I saw perforations in eardrums being healed.  I saw cancers falling off of people’s bodies.  Not because of me, not because of anything that I say and do, […]

The Holy Spirit by Lindsay Roberts

And I’d watch my mama send a seed to Oral Roberts.  And I’d say, “Mama, we can’t do that.” And she said, “Honey, we have to do that.” And I’d watch my mother attach herself to the anointing of Oral Roberts.  I was 12 years old.  I put ten dollars in an envelope, and I […]

The order of Melchizedek by Lindsay Roberts

Open you the windows of heaven-possessor of heaven and earth, the most high God.  Pour you out a blessing-you got the one, two, three again?  And then deliver you from all your enemies-the divine Paraclete, the one called alongside to help.  God’s using Himself in all three forms again to get them healed.  But guess […]

Genesis to Revelation by Lindsay Roberts

RR: What you’re saying is what this woman wrote in her e-mail that I read a little earlier.  She’s saying, “God, I’m putting you to the test.  I’m facing a need.”  She talked about a tax situation, and so she’s sowing out of her need, believing that God’s going to-and she used the same Scripture […]

God’s provision by Richard Roberts

LR: But that’s because of teaching that is not in harmony with the Word of God.  You can have a gospel according to opinion, and you can believe a gospel according to opinion, and you can blame a gospel according to opinion when you hear the actual truth and say, “Oh, Oral Roberts invented that.” […]