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The Second Coming of Jesus by Lindsay Roberts

You know, not everything is exceptionally perfect right now. But there are a lot of signs that lead to what’s coming, and that is the second coming of Jesus Christ. And that is good, and that’s what’s set before us. And so we do go through different things. We do endure certain things right now […]

The Son of the Living God by Lindsay Roberts

  ANNOUNCER: For more than fifty years, Oral Roberts Ministries has touched lives with God’s healing power and the message of salvation to millions throughout the world, a mission that only you made possible our Partners. ER: Partners, we love you and appreciate all you do for us.  Thank you. OR: Thank you with all […]

The Perfect Healing by Lindsay Roberts

  Immediately Carol felt the power of God go through her body and a sweet peace came over her.  She went back to her doctor for checkups now listen to this.  After the examination, the doctor told her, her kidneys are fine, and she’s doing well. Then he turned to her and said, “Did they […]

The Spirit of Peace by Lindsay Roberts

And now I speak to you who have been tormented, and I say, in Jesus’ name, honey, you are made whole.  You be made whole, for God to fill that void in you in every area of your life, for God to bring His peace, for God to bring the spirit of peace to replace […]

The Apostles Hands by Lindsay Roberts

And I appreciate that it’s a healing evangelist who is the president of one of the major universities on the earth, Oral Roberts University, that a healing evangelist with a wife that’s in the healing ministry, you are gifted academically as well to be president of this university.  And your mother and I well, honey, […]