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No Limits to the Healing Power of God

Recently, Richard Roberts had the privilege of traveling to some very distant places to share the message that Jesus heals. On a whirlwind tour, Richard preached to thousands of people in Asia, Africa, and Europe. He laid hands on the sick, prayed with those who wanted to accept Jesus as Lord, ministered to pastors, and […]

Give Him Thanks by Richard Roberts

Now lift your hands and begin to give Him thanks.  Begin to give Him praise.  Thank Him for what He’s doing here in our midst tonight.  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  What’s happening now? MAN: Richard, this is one of the ladies that is healed of back pain.  She’s had back pain, as well as pain in her […]

The power of God by Richard Roberts

RR:   You that stood for back prayer, stand up one more time.  Begin to twist and turn and move and bend.  See what you can do now!  How many of you can tell when someone laid hands on you, you felt the power of God? Oh, my, my. .Look around.  Look at the hands.  Look […]